Waves of Change: A Water Polo Story

Rose Bowl Aquatics Center
November 2, 2023 / 2 mins read

Waves of Change: A Water Polo Story


Water has become an essential part of my life, and it began at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center (RBAC). This place is very special to me and is where I discovered the power of water. The RBAC became more than just a facility; it became the background of my aquatics journey, teaching me valuable lessons, fostering my passion for water polo, and instilling a profound commitment to water safety.

As a kid, I was drawn to the refreshing coolness of the water on hot summer days, and the joy of splashing around with friends. But it was at the RBAC that my connection with water evolved into something deeper. I vividly remember my early days, eagerly grabbing a water polo cap, plunging into the pool, and becoming part of the team. The RBAC pool became a place of excitement, competition, and camaraderie.

Water polo quickly became a significant part of my life. The supportive community of coaches and teammates has nurtured my skills and passion for the sport. The hours of practice and countless matches are not just about winning; they are about developing a deep appreciation for the water and the sport itself. It has also helped me grow as an individual.


My journey with water hasn’t stopped at water polo but has continued into my decision to become a lifeguard and promote water safety. The importance of water safety cannot be overstated, and the RBAC instilled in me a strong sense of responsibility to ensure the safety of others in aquatic environments. Being a lifeguard not only allows me to give back to the community but also reinforces my love for water and the importance of keeping it a safe place for all.

Giving back to my community by fundraising and promoting water safety awareness has given me the ability to ensure that others have the same opportunity to fall in love with water as I did. I am forever grateful to the RBAC for being the place where my love for the water began. It's not just a pool; it's a place where passions are nurtured, values are instilled, and water safety is celebrated.

-Lillian Seaver, Rose Bowl Water Polo Club 18U Girls Red Team

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