Water Fitness: A Community Bond

Rose Bowl Aquatics Center
December 5, 2023 / 2 mins read

Water Fitness: A Community Bond


I retired from the City Attorney’s office on a Friday and discovered the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center (RBAC) the following Monday. While I was waiting for the Masters Swim team to begin, I noticed a group of cheerful people singing and frolicking in the water under the dive tower, so I decided to join them for the remaining 30 minutes of their class.

It is serious exercise! Water offers 13 times the resistance of air and it resists your movements in both directions. You’re not working against just gravity. I was hooked!

Four times a week I’m part of a human flotilla composed of people of all ages, genders, socio-economics, ability, and swimming proficiency. Together in the water, we are bonded by a choreography of movements designed to challenge, entertain, and keep us coming back. It is in these waters that I have found a community of fellow parents and lawyers, doctors, educators, City employees, bank executives, law enforcement officers, forensic economists, entrepreneurs, property managers, real estate brokers, speech therapists, psychologists, CPAs, musicians, TV and movie actors, singers, filmmakers, and a Grammy-winning graphic artist who all love and revere their deep water fitness program and their instructors.


Many of us reject the idea of ever leaving Pasadena simply because there is no other place like RBAC. For us Water Fitness fanatics, it’s the only place where we will be cross-country skiing, performing jeté’s, jumping hurdles, negotiating moguls, and flipping around like Simone Biles. In water, we are all graceful, flexible, and unstoppable. There is no impact on our joints and most importantly, we NEVER fall!

Outside of the water, we celebrate birthdays, meet for coffee, and enjoy Happy Hours where the most frequent comment is “Sorry, I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on!” We also support each other in times of crisis and ill health. Professionally, we can advise each other in just about any field you can imagine and we do so daily. I came to RBAC for exercise and discovered a very special and caring community for which I am eternally grateful.

-Lyn Beckett Cacciatore, Board Member & Water Fitness Enthusiast

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