Laurett C. - Swim Lesson Parent

Rose Bowl Aquatics Center
October 23, 2023 / 2 mins read


On a warm spring afternoon, my sister’s backyard was buzzing with the sounds of laughter and joy. It was a family gathering celebrating my 3-year-old’s birthday. The weather was perfect, adults lounged while kids ran around with bubbles and squirt guns. The pool sparkled in the afternoon sun. Little did we know that this special day would turn into a heartwarming testament to the importance of water safety.

Splash! My heart leaped into my throat as I turned to see my precious boy, fully clothed, plummeting into the pool. Time seemed to slow down as I watched him sink beneath the surface. Panic seized my chest, and I was not alone - the entire gathering stood still in shock, their eyes locked on this sudden, heart-stopping moment. My sister a former lifeguard, began to move towards the pool. My Mother-in-law stopped her and said, “Wait. Watch”. I heard her gently explain to my sister that he had just worked on this very thing at swim lessons. It was the skill and confidence he had gained from these lessons that allowed him to stay calm and swim to safety.

And just like that, there he was, his head popped up and he began swimming, not struggling, but swimming, towards the steps. His arms and legs moved with confident determination.

He reached the steps, his little face flushed with the effort, and clambered out of the pool, soaking wet but unharmed. A collective sigh of relief swept through the group. It was a moment that left us all thankful for so many reasons. As a parent, there are always nagging fears in the back of my mind about safety, and water safety is a big one. Despite our best efforts to keep a watchful eye on them, the unpredictable nature of children means that accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

As I wrapped my dripping wet son in a towel and held him close, my heart was filled with gratitude for the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center and the invaluable gift they had given my child. Their dedicated instructors had not only taught him the fundamentals of swimming but had instilled in him the confidence to face adversity head-on. Their commitment to water safety has not only given me peace of mind but has empowered my son to be able to be around water safely.

Thank you, RBAC, for helping my child become a confident swimmer. I truly appreciate the gift of my son’s water safety. But, also there is something larger in this experience that I am thankful for, the practice of navigating life's unexpected challenges with courage and resilience.

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